Hurricane Preparedness!

We want to help you prepare for Hurricane Season.

Hurricane season can bring bad weather and power outages. If your business’s critical systems are backed up by a fuel-powered generator, you want to make sure you are fully prepared in case of an emergency. and have these helpful hurricane preparedness tips for those of you with backup generators.

Free Fuel Tank Sampling

What’s In Your Tank? Most of us do not know, and not knowing can hurt us. You may not know you have a problem until it’s too late. Call us if that happens. We love helping our customers in emergency situation, but it doesn’t have to get to that!

You can prevent emergency fuel situations just by knowing what’s in your tank before you have a problem. We will help you prevent emergency fuel problems.

Cold Weather and Diesel Fuel

Cold weather can cause diesel fuel gelling, and water in your fuel becomes an even bigger issue in freezing temperatures. During a winter storm power outage, the last thing you want is your backup generators failing. Proper diesel fuel maintenance is necessary for reliable fuel performance year round.

Coal Shortage 2013!

This Just In! Recent reports indicate that there’s a coal shortage this holiday season! Our North Pole sources say Santa isn’t worried about the shortage because so many kids ended up on the nice list this year.

Why “Treatment” Isn’t Enough

Many of our prospective customers tell us, “We treat our tanks. Why would we need to clean them?”
If you’re just treating your fuel, you could be making your problems worse.

Dirty Fuel Tanks

All fuel tanks get dirty.

Everything requires cleaning from time to time. From our cars and trucks to the clothes we wear, everything needs to be cleaned.

Diesel fuel tanks have unique problems. Their inside cannot be seen, and because they are usually filled and emptied on a regular basis, we assume that they stay as clean as they were when we first bought them. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth.

The Truth about ULSD

From 2006-2010, ULSD, or Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, was phased in for highway diesel fuel. By 2014, ULSD will be phased in for all non-road, locomotive, and marine engines. The goal behind removing sulfur from diesel is to decrease pollution from emissions, but there are some downsides.

Biodiesel Laws & Alternatives to Fuel Cleaning

Louisiana law now requires that all diesel fuel supplies sold have up to a 2% biodiesel mixture in the fuel.
If your backup generators are powered by diesel, there’s a good chance you’re using biodiesel.

Diesel Fuel Quality Control

In a natural disaster, the first thing that is cut off is electricity. Natural gas is second. Water systems, sewer systems, and food refrigeration all depend on one thing… diesel power.

The Dangers of Dirty Fuel

The ongoing misconception that diesel fuel is “good for life” has been widely circulated and is universally false.