Fuel Quality, Guaranteed

Diesel Fuelmasters is a complete fuel quality maintenance company. Our services include fuel and tank cleaning, yearly fuel maintenance programs, laboratory analysis, biodiesel testing, fuel inspections, quarterly monitoring, and consultation.

Our proprietary fuel and tank cleaning removes only dead bacteria, enzymes, fungi and water.

You do not lose any fuel whatsoever. There is no hazardous waste disposal. We eliminate fuel related problems – no more premature filter plugging, smoking engines, or catastrophic engine failure due to poor fuel. We can rebuild your fuel to a level better than it was when it came from the refinery.

Maintaining the quality of diesel fuel, gasoline, and fuel oil is our business.

We proudly serve the following industries: government, trucking, marine, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, farming, utilities, and construction. We are actively involved companies’ and municipalities’ hurricane preparedness and emergency preparedness programs.