This isn’t your grandfather’s diesel fuel…

40 years ago when we started treating diesel fuel and cleaning fuel tanks, fuel quality was not all that important. The fuel was pretty good and the problems we now have with modern fuel did not exist. Today’s fuel supplies are being stripped of sulfur and supplemented with biodiesel, causing new, unforeseen problems for end users.

We at Diesel Fuelmasters pride ourselves in our expertise of fuel quality, and we want to share that knowledge with you. Check out the following resources, and feel free to share them with whomever you think would find them useful.

U.S. Department of Energy- Louisiana Laws and Incentives for Biodiesel

John Deere

Environmental Protection AgencyDiesel Fuel & Sulfur

Cummins Power Generation- EPA emission regulations- The transition to ultra-low sulfur diesel (PDF)

EGSA Powerline, Paul Wohlrab- Peace of Mind Comes with a Price Tag (PDF, page 30-31)