NFPA Recommendations for Fuel Management

What Do Updated NFPA Recommendations Mean For You?

The National Fire Protection Agency recently updated their standards pertaining to fuel quality and fuel storage management. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Annual fuel tanks tests using appropriate ASTM standards and weekly checks for water are recommended by the NFPA.
  • The NFPA warns against the use of biodiesel in emergency power system applications, stating, “biodiesel blends up to B5 have much shorter shelf lives than conventional diesel fuel [ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD)] and can accelerate degradation processes, endangering the entire diesel fuel supply” (Annex paragraph A.5.5.3).
  • Additionally, the NFPA warns that biodiesel “can accelerate the degradation of the diesel fuel if stored longer than 6 months.”

Let Diesel Fuelmasters help you meet updated NFPA recommendations. Our fuel tank inspections comply with ASTM standards. We now offer in-field tests to detect biodiesel at levels as low as 1% at a nominal cost. For customers with annual fuel maintenance programs, we test their fuel every 90 days to identify degradation due to biodiesel or any other cause so that we can treat and prevent fuel problems before they happen.


We Provide Free Fuel Tank Sampling

Want to know what’s in your tank? Call us to schedule a FREE fuel tank inspection. Our Fuel Tank Inspection Service includes:

  • An experienced technician at your location, pulling a fuel sample of each of your fuel tanks.
  • A written report of our findings.
  • Recommendations to maintain fuel quality in each of your tanks.
  • There’s no obligation to purchase anything, and the service is 100% free.

Don’t wait until hurricane season starts. Schedule a free fuel tank sample today so you can know what’s in your tank!

To schedule your free fuel tank sample, call 863-993-FUEL or request an appointment online.

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