Hurricane Preparedness!

Hurricane Season Officially Starts June 1st

We want to help you prepare for Hurricane Season.

Hurricane season can bring bad weather and power outages. If your business’s critical systems are backed up by a fuel-powered generator, you want to make sure you are fully prepared in case of an emergency. and have these helpful hurricane preparedness tips for those of you with backup generators:

  • Emergency generators and diesel engine driven fire pumps should have a fuel supplies that meet national standards or local regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure your fuel tanks are full before hurricane season – replenishment may not be possible during an emergency.
  •  Anchor your fuel tanks. An unanchored tank could be torn free by floodwaters.
  • Diesel fuel is more prone to oxidation than gasoline, and should not be stored for longer than 12 months. If you’re storing diesel fuel for longer than 12 months, a fuel inspection and adding fuel conditioners is recommended.
  • Generators use fuel filters to prevent impurities from clogging the fuel lines. Maintain your fuel filters in accordance with your equipment manufacturers’ recommendations to prevent filters from clogging.

Schedule your fuel tank cleaning before hurricane season. We will inspect your tanks, solve any issues, and ensure your fuel is clean and ready to power your backup generators in the event of an emergency.

We Provide Free Fuel Tank Sampling

Want to know what’s in your tank? Call us to schedule a FREE fuel tank inspection. Our Fuel Tank Inspection Service includes:

  • An experienced technician at your location, pulling a fuel sample of each of your fuel tanks.
  • A written report of our findings.
  • Recommendations to maintain fuel quality in each of your tanks.
  • There’s no obligation to purchase anything, and the service is 100% free.

Don’t wait until hurricane season starts. Schedule a free fuel tank sample today so you can know what’s in your tank!

To schedule your free fuel tank sample, call 863-993-FUEL or request an appointment online.