Cold Weather and Diesel Fuel

Happy February!

We forgot to send out a newsletter in January – mostly because, like the rest of you, we were dealing with the weather. Between icy roads, frozen pipes, closed businesses, and surprise winter storms, it’s a wonder that we got anything done in January at all!

Cold Weather and Diesel Fuel

In addition to dealing with traffic and storms, we received many calls from our customers dealing with additional diesel fuel problems in the cold weather. Cold weather can cause diesel fuel gelling, and water in your fuel becomes an even bigger issue in freezing temperatures. During a winter storm power outage, the last thing you want is your backup generators failing. Proper diesel fuel maintenance is necessary for reliable fuel performance year round.

Our Yearly Fuel Cleaning Program ensures your fuel is ready, year round.
For clients with 10,000 gallons of fuel or more to be cleaned, we offer a yearly fuel cleaning program which includes quarterly monitoring of all your fuel and tanks so that future contamination will be kept at a minimum and addressed much more frequently.

Our 4-Step Fuel Cleaning Program returns your fuel tank to as-good-as-new!