Why “Treatment” Isn’t Enough

Why “Treatment” Isn’t Enough

Many of our prospective customers tell us, “We treat our tanks. Why would we need to clean them?”

If you’re just treating your fuel, you could be making your problems worse.

Look at the following diagrams. Bacteria and fungi live on the walls of the tank. They also are disbursed throughout the fuel. When you add chemicals, especially biocides, much of these organisms are killed and fall to the bottom of the tank. Some chemicals, the good ones, also drop the water from suspension. (The poor ones mix water with your fuel). Now the contaminates are at the bottom of the tank. They do not disappear! Fuel Tanks before and after treatment:

Your fuel delivery system pulls fuel from the bottom of the tank. Now it is sucking up all the dead bacteria, fungi, and water your chemicals killed and dropped to the tank bottom. Especially after filling the tank with new fuel, or continuously running your engine, you will pick up a huge amount of these contaminates. Filter plugging, injector fouling, and possible catastrophic engine failure is a real possibility.

Fuel tanks must be cleaned in order to ensure success in a fuel quality control program. That is why we won’t just treat your tank. Fuel Tank Cleaning is a mandatory part of our 4-Step Fuel Cleaning Program. Our program returns your fuel tank to as-good-as-new!