Dirty Fuel Tanks

All fuel tanks get dirty.

Everything requires cleaning from time to time. From our cars and trucks to the clothes we wear, everything needs to be cleaned.

Diesel fuel tanks have unique problems. Their inside cannot be seen, and because they are usually filled and emptied on a regular basis, we assume that they stay as clean as they were when we first bought them. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth.

Fuel tanks gather condensation from the natural heating and cooling from the sun. The water has no place to go but inside the tank. Dirt, dust, and other contaminates gather from the vents in the tanks, and bacteria, fungi, and their byproducts are all left behind in your fuel tanks. The water settles to the bottom of your fuel tanks and causes rust to form. The bacteria and fungi digests your fuel and acid deposits are formed that cause additional damage to your tanks.

Fuel tanks must be cleaned in order to ensure success in a fuel quality control program. That is why Fuel Tank Cleaning is a mandatory part of our Premium Fuel Quality Program. Our program returns your fuel tank to as-good-as-new!

This Month’s Theme: Data Centers
We’re constantly hearing new stories about the quality of diesel fuel affecting various industries and organization. This month we’re sharing with you a few stories related to backup generator fuel maintenance in data centers.

Diesel- The Lifeblood of the Recovery Effort
“While the supply of fuel is the most critical consideration, another unforeseen problem is fuel contamination. Diesel reserves often sit for long periods of time, which is the opposite of the optimal scenario, in which diesel fuel is used within two to three weeks of leaving the refinery. Because of this, oil companies are not compelled to produce a diesel fuel meant for long-term storage.”

Generators are Key to Improving Reliability
“Fairfax identified three key threats to generator reliability – fuel quality problems due to old fuel mixing with newer fuel, quality issues with new Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel and biodiesel fuels, and wear and tear from efforts to start cold generators as quickly as possible.

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“Where will you be if the lights go out?”

Barry Upshaw