Biodiesel Laws & Alternatives to Fuel Cleaning

Louisiana law now requires that all diesel fuel supplies sold have up to a 2% biodiesel mixture in the fuel.

If your backup generators are powered by diesel, there’s a good chance you’re using biodiesel.

Because of the prevalence of biodiesel in our fuel, most equipment manufacturers suggest the following:

  1. Biodiesel should be used within 90 days of the date of manufacture, because it is a biodegradable product.
  2. A regular maintenance program should be established to maintain fuel quality assurance.

Additionally, equipment warranties don’t cover failures caused by bad fuel. Here’s an example from John Deere:

The John Deere warranty covers only defects in material and workmanship as manufactured and sold by John Deere. Failures caused by poor quality fuel of any type cannot be compensated under our warranty.

Nearly every day someone will ask us, “Isn’t there an alternative to fuel cleaning?”

We like to say – Sure… Just replace your generator occasionally.

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Barry Upshaw

Founder’s Forum

Remember the old saying – Up the creek without a paddle? Millions of dollars are spent every day on backup power generators. Tens of thousands of dollars are spent on the diesel fuel to power them, but few companies have a fuel quality control program. We will ensure you have the cleanest burning fuel in the USA, so you won’t be up a creek without a paddle.