The Dangers of Dirty Fuel

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Peace of Mind Comes with a Price Tag
By Paul Wohlrab
(written while at Separ Filters and reprinted courtesy of EGSA Powerline Magazine)

Every diesel standby power generator, every diesel storage tank, every belly tank in a remote location has the potential for one thing in common: eroded performance due to inadequate diesel fuel maintenance.

If you’re the one guy in a hundred who never has to address the condition of his fuel, congratulations. For the rest of us, the ramifications can be steep. It only takes six short months for diesel fuel to become jeopardized, thereby hindering generator performance and peace of mind when you need it most.

This is not your father’s diesel fuel we’re talking about. The new generation of diesel mandated by the EPA may be a good thing for the environment, but most end users remain uninformed, unaware, and unconcerned how the recent changes in the fuel’s makeup will directly affect the operation of their machinery. The ongoing misconception that diesel fuel is “good for life” has been widely circulated and is universally false.

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Bad Fuel Sinks Barge AND Company

A foundering barge is now completely underwater 20 miles off the coast of Miami. It towed by the Coast Guard into deep waters Wednesday morning where it safely sunk.

In the afternoon, photos from boats and planes monitoring the progress of the doomed barge show it standing up in the water, perpendicular to the waves, like a giant exclamation point. Many of the containers have fallen from the barge, and are in the water surrounding or are already headed to the bottom. “The barge has flipped over and the stern is in the air, and we are monitoring the situation, helping to see if we can expedite the sinking of this barge,” said Capt. Chris Scraba, commander of Coast Guard Sector Miami.

The Coast Guard has been working with the barge and the tug that had been towing it for 3 days, after the tug Sante Tio lost power due to bad fuel. Read More

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