At Diesel Fuelmasters, LLC, we clean dirty fuel and dirty fuel tanks.

We are a complete fuel treatment and fuel conditioning company. We offer any and all chemicals required to treat fuel and the mechanical means to purify the fuel and fuel tank after chemical treatment. We have a proven Fuel Quality program that totally eliminates fuel related problems. Laboratory analysis, monitoring and consultation are available.

Our tank cleaning process removes only dead bacteria, enzymes, fungi and water.

You do not lose any fuel whatsoever. There is also no hazardous waste disposal. We can rebuild your fuel to a level better than it was when it came from the refinery. Your equipment will perform in a manner you expect. We remove fuel related problems – no more premature filter plugging, smoking engines, and catastrophic engine failure due to poor fuel.

Maintaining the quality of diesel fuel, gasoline, and fuel oil is our business.

Our customer base includes farmers, electric companies, construction, municipal, governmental, trucking, marine, military, manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation. We are actively involved in Hurricane Preparedness and work with many municipalities with other Emergency Preparedness programs.

Diesel Fuelmasters – 40 years of experience in fuel quality assurance.